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June 02, 2007



I love what you write ... and I long for the Eucharist to be more of a shared experience albeit in chaos.

As for the learning - I am a teacher - and yet I learn so much from my students - including but not only their questions.


And you say you're not a theologian! :-)

You are so right about Willard and the need for editing. Great thinker, bad writer. I've lost count of the number of people I know who started Divine Conspiracy, but never finished it. That's a real shame.

Jonas Lundström

I appreciate and share your ideas, if I have understood them rightly. How do you think we should relate to the practises of the established church, for example large gatherings, where 1 Kor 14:26- cannot possibly be lived out, our a priest-oriented, individualistic version of the Lord´s supper? Should we avoid those gatherings and develop new practises, should we stay around and strive for reformation or is it just a matter of adding some practises that better promotes real learning, but still valuing the old ones?


Thank you Lorna, and Graham... does reading (haven't finished yet) Willard make me a theologian!? :-)

Jonas, I'm not sure of my answer to your questions, which are the really crucial ones. I think that I would counsel going for an end to all our current, large gatherings - because they just obstruct the kind of learning that we need to engage in. I suspect that to make the really big 'symbolic' move we will need to act radical...

but.. (and I can hear Graham coming out of the woodwork to get me! :)

I suspect that the radical plan won't work because people will just vote with their feet. As Christians we are offered worship that is non demanding, just believe the right things, put up with other people in the church once a week, sing a few songs, sit back and be passive and, hey presto! With that kind of undemanding Christian gathering on offer, why should people vote for a pilgrimage, the vulnerability of open relations and the difficulties of a road to holiness?

No, I just dont see it happening, so I guess that I'll just try to shake up the current, dull safe routines every now and again... and celebrate whenever I join up with someone who challenges or listens to me, helping me walk a little "farther up and farther in"

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